Down to stock market

What to do when MARKET is down

The stock market in India  is where wealth is generated. It is that tree that we have all been looking for since childhood and have always been fascinated by, and it is commonly referred to as the share market.

In the market, there are always timing and cycles that take it to the top once and then drop it to the bottom again. The stock market regularly experiences these ups and downs. However, there are worse times when the market plunges significantly.

As investors, we must refrain from being sentimental or emotional when making investment decisions and must always be aware of market sentiment.

The stock market in India has been down for a number of days, causing investors to wonder, “Will the Stock Market Recover?”

  • Should I withdraw my investments from the stock market?
  • What should I buy when the market crashes?

and a lot more.

  • We will attempt to answer some of these questions in this article.
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The Indian stock market has been down for more than two months for a variety of reasons, with only a few periods of recovery.

We are all aware that India has a highly interconnected global market and an open economy.

As a result, the Indian stock market began to decline just as the global stock market began to react negatively to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Oil and natural gas prices increased as a result of the war, which also had a significant impact on other commodities. In addition, this contributed to a high inflation rate in both the Indian Stock Market and the global market.

The Reserve Bank of India then decided to raise interest rates as part of its monetary policy review. Due to this rate increase, loans became more expensive and approximately 900,000 crore were taken off the market. As a result, the Indian stock market experienced a drop of more than 1.5%.

what to do


People typically avoid investing in the stock market because they believe it is very difficult to avoid a down market. However, this is not the appropriate response to a bearish market.

When the stock market crashes, investors have many options for making a profit or at least minimizing their losses.


Buy on Dip -

Buy on a dip in the market is a tried-and-true strategy. When the stock market is in a correction and goes down for a long time, most stocks are well below their normal price, so we must buy them at this low level.

However, this does not necessitate purchasing every stock; rather, during this downturn in the stock market, we must concentrate on reputable, fundamentally sound, and large-cap stocks.

Buy a dip

Fixed Income Asset -

Focusing on fixed income assets, where interest rates rise when the stock market crashes, is another strategy for minimizing and maintaining the loss.

Gold -

Experiences have shown that when the stock market falls, gold prices rise, making it a more appealing investment option.



Do extensive research on the stock before making an investment, and if possible, seek the advice of a financial advisor, as they are experts in this field.

However, once you have invested in good stocks, you should never consider withdrawing your investment if the market or a stock is not performing as expected.

If you want to build wealth, investing in equity and equity-related instruments takes a long time.


As a result, if the stock market falls and your portfolio is completely in the red, do not panic and remain calm. Choose one of the options above to keep your investment in balance and minimize your losses.

You can be sure that the stock market will come back to life and that your portfolio will be completely green. Nothing lasts forever.